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Hyperallergic, March 22, 2018 
The Bauhaus and the Black Experience: The Magnificient and Mysterious Robert Reed by Jessica Tam
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Bauhaus Transfers, Vol.24, Issue 39, 2019  
Hyperdimensional Investigations: Robert Reed's Curriculum and the Legacy of the Bauhuas Pedagogy by Cathy Braasch
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The Antibes Years
 Robert Reed: The Antibes Years, May, 2019 by Susan Whetstone
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‘Oh che dolce cosa è questa prospettiva!’
"Oh, what a sweet thing is this perspective", April, 2019 by Joost Joustra
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The Searle Collection of Contemporary Art
"Robert Reed", 1995 by Irma Gilgore, Lois Katz and Martha Scott
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